Let us help with your estate planning, a gift to your family.


Whether you are looking to do a simple revocable trust, or something more complicated, Klosek has you covered. We are a full-service law firm, offering basic and advanced planning, trust administration, and probate.

Our estate planning services eliminate uncertainties and offer clients peace of mind. We provide the best tools that promote effective management of your estate, especially when you can’t do it on your own.

Estate Planning

Revocable Trusts
Irrevocable Trusts
Gifting Trust
Family Partnerships and LLCs
Special Needs Trust

Trust Administration

Petition to Modify/Terminate Trust
Administration of Single Settlor & Married Settlors Revocable Trusts
Estate Tax Return (706)
Petition for Instructions
Heggstad Petition


Regular Administration
Special Administration
Spousal Petition

Meet Jack Klosek

Jack has worked at three boutique estate planning firms across the California coast, where he has honed his skills in probate administration, trust administration, and estate planning. An expert in both basic and advanced estate planning, he brings a wealth of experience. Some of the advanced estate planning strategies he has utilized have involved the use of GRATS, ILITs, and IDGTs, to name a few. More than just an estate planner, Jack reviews an estate plan from all angles of taxation, which includes property taxation, income taxation, gift taxation, and estate taxation. His favorite part of estate planning is getting to know people from all walks of life, understanding their needs, and working with them to best accomplish their goals. On his weekends, Jack enjoys spending time with his beautiful German Shephard Nala, and wine tasting with friends and family.

“Klosek helped give our family the assurance that our loved ones were protected. The process was made simple with their trained attorney.“

Francine Douglas Mountain View

“I would highly recommend Jack Klosek! I cannot say enough good things about him, his professionalism, concern for people, and overall warmth are just a few highlights of what we experienced. If you are a new family, like us, and have not yet planned your will, Jack will guide you step by step, effortlessly. Thanks for all your hard work!“

Janin Smolen Greenhaven

“Jack prepared a will for my mom and was great. He made the process smooth and easy for my family. He's extremely knowledgeable and as trustworthy as they come!“

Embert Madison South Land Park